Balloons Over Waikato is a special event you can enjoy in Hamilton New Zealand. From 21 to 25 March you will only find hot air balloons in the sky. The colorful balloons will enhance the overall look of the sky. It is a 5-day event and you will feel like your sight is getting a reward. Moreover, the hot air balloons floating in the sky gives the best appearance.

It is the premier ballooning festival in Hamilton New Zealand. It attracts pilots, balloons, and artists from around the world. People love to participate and enjoy the event every year. The organizers attract people with their best planning, attractive arrangement, perfect flying conditions and most of all friendly environment.

Balloons Over Waikato shooting in the breeze

You can enjoy the flotilla of balloons in the morning. They have a majestic and silent presentation. The balloons are above the city and the flying starts from Innes Common. The breeze will take the balloons with its flow. The most beautiful part is when all the balloons are moving in direction of the breeze. There are no restrictions and gives the feeling of freedom.

There are more than 130,000 people ready to participate in Balloons Over Waikato. The Nightglow of the event already has 80,000 bookings. The event is rapidly gaining popularity around the world.

The balloonists will visit all the schools in Hamilton New Zealand. They will attract people with their amazing talent. They know how to perform different acts. Most of the people will participate in different competitions. The winning party will get an amazing prize. The biggest attraction of the event is the special balloon. It is a unique shape of the balloon that is revealed every year at the end of the event.

The invitation cards of the event will have special shapes. There are many shapes but some of them are Robbie for Ronald McDonald House and Resene in Love with Colour Lovebirds.

Hamilton New Zealand activities

You will get the chance to build relation with balloonists. You will learn how to inflate the balloon before it lifts into the sky. There is an early morning mass ascension every day. Beside the Hamilton Lake, balloons will fly from Innes Common. There will be a new activity every day like

  1. Hamilton Mass Ascension
  2. The City Burn
  3. WEL Energy Trust Breakfast
  4. Zuru Nightglow

Do not waste your time. Book your flight and event ticket today. Balloons Over Waikato in Hamilton New Zealand is the event you must visit.

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