Balloons Over Waikato Festival 2017

Balloons Over Waikato Festival 2017

From 22nd – 26th of March 2017 anyone looking skyward in the Hamilton & Waikato region is likely to be rewarded with the sight of brightly coloured hot-air balloons floating overhead as part of the hugely successful five-day Balloons Over Waikato, the premier ballooning festival in New Zealand which draws balloons, pilots and enthusiasts from around the world, attracted by its meticulous planning, friendly welcome and ideal flying conditions.

Shooting the Breeze

Most mornings flotillas of balloons can be seen, silent and majestic above the city and region after rising from Innes Common and following the breeze to wherever it takes them.

More than 130,000 people are set to attend the annual Balloons Over Waikato and with the Nightglow alone drawing around 80,000 in previous years, 2017 is sure to prove just as popular.

The balloonists drop in to visit schools and parks around the region as well as take part in a range of competitions, always surrounded by curious crowds and professional organisers to ensure safety for all. Each year features at least one special shape to get people talking, with previous years including a large clown, a huge penguin, an ark, a pirate parrot and many more.

Special shapes on the cards this year include the Resene in Love with Colour Lovebirds and Robbie for Ronald McDonald House, with more still to be announced.

What’s On

As usual 2017 will provide plenty of chances to get up close and personal with the balloonists and their balloons as they slowly inflate before lifting off into the sky.

Each day kicks off with an early morning mass ascension when all the balloons fly out from Innes Common beside Hamilton Lake.

Balloons Over Waikato Festival 2017 events include:

The Hamilton Mass Ascension – Wednesday 22 March
The WEL Energy Trust Breakfast at Dawn – Thursday 23 March
The City Burn – Friday 24 March
The Zuru Nightglow – Saturday 25 March
And much more – for the full programme of events, visit