Cambridge Pooch Racing 2016

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On your Barks! Get set! Go!

The Cambridge Pooch Racing is about family dogs on the race track!

Does watching a dog having a good time bring a smile to your face, even if it’s not your dog?!!

At Pooch Racing it’s all about fun. Although there are usually one or two with the competitive spirit who are there to win!


Eddie Cambridge pooch racing

Our very own pooch Eddie, he is a Swedish Valhound, will be racing this weekend!






Pre-entered dogs are placed into race categories (or more precisely, dogatories) according to breed, size and fitness (or not) level. They run with a family member releasing them and ‘Mum‘ or their ‘bestie‘ encouraging them at the finish line with whatever possible incentive needed.

To the sound of a clap, the majority of the pack take to the track like a flea on a… , for a 100 metre sprint.

Okay, there is always going to be one or two that have different ideas, they add to the fun and have some “tails” to tell.

Along with the races, there is an opportunity for the non-athletic types to shine. The owner vs dog Look-a-like competition is very popular, as is the Rex Factor Talent Quest. Stay tuned for the other competitions that will be featuring this year (taken from suggestions offered on our Facebook page).

Pooch Racing aims to become Assistance Dogs main FUNraiser and take it to other pooch-loving locations. This is a great cause that trains dogs to help make daily living better for New Zealanders with a disability. Our animal rescue charities have been welcomed back to come and initiate their own fundraisers and are getting excited. Join in the fun, with ideas, offers of help or just following us on facebook, Pooch Racing.

Cambridge Pooch Racing 2016Cambridge Pooch Racing Q & A’s:

How much does it cost to enter my dog?

The pre-entry fee for racing is now $15, (includes dog and 2 people) and your dog’s details and trainer name will be printed in the free race-book. Extra spectators with ticket holders are $2.00,as well as a doggie bag, awesome prizes and the chance to go in a Grand Prix. On the day (gate) entry is $25 (for your dog plus 2 people). All spectators on the day are $5.


How much does is cost for a child to come to Pooch racing?

Everyone bringing a dog must register even if you are just a spectator. Everyone pays $5 as we want to encourage plenty of adult supervision for children and dogs.


What happens if it rains?

We have wet weather contingencies but bring a coat, it will not be canceled.


How do I get my dog to race?

Every Pooch needs two people, one to release the leash and a best buddy at the finish line calling with whatever encouragement is needed. Let us know on race registration if you require an extra hand, on the start line.

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