New Zealand is considered as a very safe place to travel along with a few endemic diseases, low crime rate, and an excellent healthcare system. Visitors are advised to take the same with their personal safety and their personal possessions as they would in any other country, or at home. Bring important documents such as credit cards and passports and keep them in a separate from the originals. You must keep a record of the serial number and description of important items such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras and don’t forget the emergency dial number 111.

Here are some health and safety travel tips you need to consider if you plan to travel in New Zealand:


New Zealand is a safe travel destination; however, you must always discern the same safety measures along with your personal belongings, health and safety tips as you would in any other country or at home.
– Go to places with someone you trust and know if possible.
– Lock your accommodation and windows at night.
– Hitch hiking isn’t suggested in New Zealand.
– Stay in a well-lit place and with other people every time out late at night. Do not take shortcuts via alleys or parks. Take a cab or get a ride with somebody you trust instead of walking alone.
– Be aware of people around you every time using cash machines or ATMs and hide your PIN at all times.


Make sure not to leave home without your travel insurance. Incidents happen and they can occur in the strangest places at the most unexpected and strangest times. Travel insurance enables you to receive all sorts of mishaps throughout your travel and even before you leave. In fact, 25% of insurance claims are cause or cancellation of travel.


The mobile phone providers in New Zealand like 2degrees Mobile, Telecom, and Vodafone provides a text messaging service for tourists. You can text regarding your travel movements and location to 7233 (SAFE). Texts are restored on a central database that can be accessed on request through Police to help find you.


Before going out and enjoy the plenty adventures of New Zealand, you can check some websites for advice and New Zealand travel tips to guide you prepare for your activities.
• Plan the adventure and tell someone where you plan to go. Be organized in case things go wrong.
• People sometimes get into trouble because they overestimate their capability.
• Bring the proper equipment, including communications so you call for assistance anytime.
• Check the weather conditions before you leave.
• Wear a life jacket at all times when boating.
• Don’t depend on cell phone coverage. Instead, you can consider a personal locator beacon, particularly if you are traveling alone.


Tourists bringing in a quantity of medication are suggested to bring a doctor’s certificate to prevent possible issues with New Zealand Customs. Further, doctor’s prescription is essential to acquire particular drugs in New Zealand. Vaccination is not needed to enter this country.

Make sure to remember all these health and safety tips when you travel to the amazing country of New Zealand.


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