Raglan is no doubt one of the surfing charms of New Zealand. It is renowned and recognized globally. It grows in fame over the recent years because of local cycle competition. Held at the end of July, the Karioi Classic Cycle Ride in 2017 is on its 7th edition. Further, the competition takes place around Mount Raglan, Mount Karioi and mix of a combination of tar and gravel sealed roads.

What is Karioi Classic Cycle Ride?

In case you didn’t know yet, Karioi Classic is a classic mountain bike race. It is held around the wonderful rugged west coast terrain of the iconic Raglan coastline and Karioi Mountain. The main race begins at the Raglan Fire Station. All riders will experience thrilling and challenging race that includes a wide array of track finishing at the Kopua Domain.

How Far Will It Go?

This is by far the most exciting mountain biking fest of all the events in the calendar. Mostly, the race will be on gravel roads. The 43-kilometer event covers only 9 kilometers of tar sealed roads. While the endure 85-kilometer races takes on approximately 15 kilometers of non-gravel. Nevertheless, be aware that gravel roads are one of the toughest things you’ll ever find on the Karioi Classic.

How much is the Cost?

  • Individual u16: $35 for 43km, $40 for 57km, $70 for 85km
  • Individual Open: $45 for 43km, $60 for 57km, $85 for 85km
  • Tandem Teams: $80 for 43km, $90 for 57km, $160 for 85km

Feel free to register online for at Cyclery Raglan, 10 Bankart St – Raglan. Not to mention, the race will begin at 8:30 am for Enduro, 9:30 am for Classic XL and 10.15 am for Classic. The race will start at Stewart Street at the front of the Old School Art Centre.

How to Get There

You can visit Mount Karioi from Raglan. Further, Raglan is a 40-minute drive from Hamilton. Hamilton is a 1 ½-hour drive from Auckland Airport or Taupo – a 3 ½-hour drive from Aukland Airport. Access to the trailhead begins and ends centrally in the Raglan Township.

Karioi Classic Cycle is surely unique cycling Waikato events, on both sealed and gravel roads. Come and join the team, together with 3 event options – 43km, 57km, and 85km. Enjoy the lovely backdrop the Raglan area offers, ocean and harbor, as well its mountain views. All events begin and end in Raglan too. Expect amazing spot prizes for grabs and plush cash prizes. Make sure to keep an eye out for those awesome Raglan locals who will be joining at less competitive level.

Again, if you want to join, visit their online page or you can register at the pre-event registration. Located at the Hamilton’s Speights Ale House 28th of July Thursday between 5 pm to 8 pm. Also, at the Raglan Old Arts School on Saturday, July 30 from 12 pm to 5 pm or Sunday, July 31 0600 to 0900. For more information, visit the website at https://www.karioiclassic.org.nz.