The idea of working from home is something that sounds exciting for a lot of people. But just like anything else in life, it does come with its pros and cons. You need to realize that working from home is never easy, and you need to prepare accordingly. Yet if you do it right, this can be the best replacement for any 9 to 5 jobs.

Will you do freelancing or remote work?

Remote work means you’re basically keeping the job, but you work from home instead of going to the office. You’re still dictated what to do by the office, you’re just not commuting. Freelancing on the other side means you’re starting a new chapter in your life and you are your own boss. Each one of them sounds interesting, although if you want to become your own boss it’s clear that freelancing is the best approach.

Preparing your office when you work from home

It’s important to have a fully prepared office if you work from home. This means getting a comfortable desk and a chair, lighting, a phone, accessible outlets, pen and paper as well as anything you need for your business. You also need either a desktop computer or a laptop, storage space for items and a good temperature management solution. You also need comfort amenities as well. Of course, a book case, printer or bulletin board might be needed.

Handling business tasks

First, you need to figure out the schedule. If you do remote work, the schedule is imposed on you. But if you work from home as a freelancer, you need to establish the schedule yourself. Try to cover as much ground as you can especially if you work with multiple timezones. Avoiding times when you get overworked is crucial at this time.

On top of that, we recommend you to use communication tools. That means Google Hangouts, Slack, Project management tools, video conferencing tools and so on will help you stay connected with business professionals. Also, you may want to pay for insurance, for stuff like errors and omissions insurance, incidental home business endorsement, worker’s compensation insurance, commercial property policy and the business general liability insurance.

You also need to think about taxes. keeping a spreadsheet with the transaction date and amount is important, just as much as what was bought, who you paid, the category and proof of transaction. Or you can hire a professional to do this.

Taking care of yourself when you work from home

This is hard, because when you work from home it’s challenging to define your daily life from work life. What you can do is to find ways to manage loneliness the best way you can. You also need to create your pre-work routine and force yourself to focus in order to work properly. It’s crucial to stay healthy, so even if you work from home you still need to work out and improve your diet.

Is this for you? That’s hard to say until you try it. But it’s safe to note that whenever you work from home, it will take some time to get used to loneliness and long schedules. However, that also means you are in control of your own career, and that can make a huge difference!