Ferment Fest is a festival that takes place in SKYCITY Hamilton and it’s centered around food and drinks.

More specifically, when you visit Ferment Fest you will be able to enjoy Waikato artisan beer, fermented food and cheese. This is a great opportunity to enjoy some of the best and highest quality food/drinks in the region.

On top of that, what makes Ferment Fest unique is that all food and drinks are local. It’s a great festival designed to help the local community showcase its products. All of this is done in a very professional and unique manner. It’s clear that they are offering a lot of insight into how the local production is made. The food and drinks at the Ferment Fest festival uses only natural ingredients. So not only does the food here look great, it also has completely natural ingredients, which makes it incredible and outstanding in its own right.

Ferment Fest is known for being the home to multiple award-winning craft brewers and cheesemakers. It’s clear that here you can find only top of the line products that you will enjoy quite a lot. That’s because all the people working in this industry are vetted professionals. They are working very hard to offer you only top of the line food you can’t find anywhere else.

At its core, Ferment Fest is a celebration of people that prepare food and beer at the highest levels. They work very hard to bring in front maybe some of the best and highest quality food on the market, and the results are always astonishing and extremely impressive no matter the situation. Commitment and focus are key when it comes to Ferment Fest, as the people here work hard to bring in front these foods and drinks.

You will learn a lot about the industry itself and you can also see demonstrations or listen to live music. All of that is extraordinary and a great insight into the industry itself and how everything is made. Only people over the age of 18 are allowed to drink alcohol, but kids can come to the event too.

That’s a great experience and it clearly shows why the Ferment Fest event is continually happening. It’s a wonderful way to cherish and also enjoy the local production while also bringing in top of the line products and an incredible quality that you can cherish and enjoy. Nothing is better than being able to access quality food and drinks, thanks to Ferment Fest you have that.

Plus, the prices at Ferment Fest are very good, and you will get to enjoy amazing food. The great types of cheese and beer presented here are rarely found on the market anyway. That makes this event a rare time when you can actually try out new stuff. And you can even buy as much as you want, which is really nice. If you are passionate about high quality fermented food, cheese and beer in general, give the Ferment Fest a shot. You will be quite impressed by it!

Ferment Fest Event Details

When 28 Sep 2019
Where SKYCITY Hamilton, Hamilton, Waikato
346 Victoria St, Hamilton, Waikato
Ticket Informationadmission: FREE
RestrictionsAll Ages

Source: skycityhamilton.co.nz