The Hobbiton movie set was the movie set to film The Hobbit, as well as Lord Of The Rings trilogy. However, the Hobbiton movie set wasn’t permanently built, but ended up being a tourism destination in New Zealand. While Hobbiton set is located about 8 kilometers from West Of Huneira, it is 10 kilometers southwest of Matamata, New Zealand.

What is the Hobbiton Mid-winter Feast?

Every year, the Hobbiton movie set organizes a 4.5 hours mid-winter feast on the original set of, ‘The Hobbit’. On July, 20th 2019, they are going to pay a tribute, by a Hobbiton mid-winter feast, on sets of the Hobbit.

It is a great chance for all Hobbits to gather together for spending a long, but delightful evening in the shire. Here, you would be served with a freshly brewed mulled wine along with beautiful sights. After then, they would take you to the Green dragon Inn, where you’d sit in front of the roaring fires. At last, a mid-winter feast for all the invited hobbits. The Themed buffet dinner would definitely tantalize your taste buds. Hobbits would get an adrenaline rush, by seeing the Hobbit sights and the Shire.

What the Hobbiton Movie Set Has to Offer?

First off, your escort will guide you across the 14-acre Hobbiton movie set, stating you the facts about the set. While on your way, you would come across 44 Hobbit holes, although it is impossible to fit in. Furthermore, you would visit the double arched stone bridge, along with the Green Dragon Inn. They would not forget to astonish you with the popular thatched Millhouse.

As the sun will set, they would accommodate all the hobbits in the Green Dragon Inn. The green Dragon inn used to be the universal place for the Hobbits for a grand meeting. Here, they used to discuss the daily problems while drinking the beer from the bar. The green dragon Inn would be warm from the roaring fires. You would interact with the other hobbits in a warm, fuzzy environment.

What to Do at the Hobbiton Movie Set?

After sight-seeing the Hobbiton movie set, they would gear you up for the mid-winter feast. As the sun will set, they would take you to a warm place of the Green Dragon Inn. They would offer you the freshly brewed wine, as you’ll warm yourself up by the warm fire inside. Moreover, they would offer you the two hobbit drinks, ginger flavored non-alcoholic beer and the apple cider. Hot caldrons are the exclusive and traditional hobbit tools that they would use to serve you the beer. The mulled wine would be different and exclusive than the traditional ales. They would serve you a piping hot wine, to warm you up.

You would have the freedom to roam around the Green Dragon Inn. Appreciate the perfect example of the hobbit-themed architecture, while you receive the canap├ęs, just as the size of the Hobbit. Enjoy the live music in the vicinity of the Green dragon Inn. It is up to you to dance to the music or to roam around the magnificent place.

After exploring the Green Dragon Inn, you would be escorted to the Party Marque. The Hobbiton movie set operators would blow your mind by the nicely organized mid-winter feast. You won’t have to worry, as the mid-winter feast would be buffet-based. The buffet would be hobbit-themed and all the dishes would be served to you piping hot. As the Shire traditions, the second helpings would be highly encouraged. The Party Marquee happens to be a Hobbit-themed spacious dinner place, with outclass traditional exterior. The vibrant lights and the glowing lanterns would help you to indulge in the mid-winter feast like a true hobbit. The painted walls with canvases would fill your heart by colors.

After the scrumptious dinner, escorts would take you to the exit. Upon wandering the paths of the Hobbiton movie set, your paths would be well-lit. Moreover, you would take the illuminating lanterns with you, to get to the exit.

If you are eager to visit the Hobbiton movie-set and take part in the mid-winter feast, book your tickets now. As the tickets are few, pre-booking is highly recommended.

Hobbiton Mid-Winter Feast Event Details

20 Jul 2019

Ticket Information

All Ages

Hobbiton Movie Set, Matamata, Matamata-Piako
501 Buckland Rd, Matamata, Matamata-Piako

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