Are you one of those people who grew up watching the hobbit film series? Do you always wanted to be a part of this excellent fantasy adventure yourself? Then here is your chance to live your dream through International Hobbit Day.

The International Hobbit Day will be celebrated on the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, which is the 22nd of September 2019. To make things even more exciting, the event will be celebrated on the iconic Hobbiton movie set itself. You will be received by your guides who will give you a tour of the set, describing how the site was created.

On the International Hobbit Day, you will find yourself immersed in the hobbit experience. You will have a chance to stroll in the Mill Marketplace, which is an experience to look forward to. You will be surrounded by individually themed stalls selling mouth-watering snacks like cured meats, smoked fish, artisan bread, and of course the world-renowned New Zealand Cheese. There will be live Celtic music under the themed stretch tents alongside a banquet table of exquisite self-service dishes.

If you want some privacy, then you can go for a walk on the double arch stone bridge. You can also go to The Green Dragon Inn to quench your thirst with the traditional Hobbiton’s beers. All the beverages served are exclusive to the Hobitton movie set and are brewed solely for the guests.

In case you get tired of the Hobbiton’s life you can rest yourself in the specially designed Inn. Or you can get comfortable at the fireplace with all your friends and enjoy the experience. Their staff will be serving delicious canapes throughout the evening, which you can enjoy on the go. If you are a competitive person by nature, then you can enjoy a wide variety of Hobitton themed games. There will be special prizes for the winners so don’t forget to get involved.

If you want some quiet place to relax and enjoy your meal, then you can head for the Party themed Marquee. This Marquee is behind the Green Dragon Inn and is the replica of the tent seen at Bilbo’s birthday party. The interior of the tent is decorated with colorful lanterns which make dining at the tent a delightful experience. In the tents, you will find a buffet table filled with traditional and delectable dishes which will keep you full during your trip.

Lastly, to make your trip even more memorable, you will have the opportunity to go for a guided lantern tour. The journey in the village lit by glowing lanterns will surely be a spectacle that you will never forget. The tours will depart regularly in the evening from the Green Dragon’s Inn. So make sure to be a part of this unforgettable experience.

Tickets are almost sold out so grab your tickets, Put on your cloak and head towards Hobbiton movie set today. For more information, click here.