Every year a lot of females visit New Zealand to be a part of the world-famous women’s lifestyle expo. Therefore, this is known as one of the most famous women’s expo for their lifestyle across the region. Plenty of the females gather to this event to learn about the latest trends to enhance their lifestyles. Every year this great exhibition attracts a lot of exhibitors which belong to different industries. Some of the most common industries who will be a part of this great event are:

  1. Makeup artists for women
  2. Brain injury associations
  3. Financial associations
  4. Style consultants
  5. Fitness trainers
  6. Marketing solution companies for women
  7. Well-reputed cosmetics and skin care brands
  8. Fashions accessories
  9. Apparel designers
  10. Specialists in gifts

As this is a perfect lifestyle expo which surely provides a perfect chance to explore a number of industries. Moreover, this will bring great fun and provide a chance for every woman to have a perfect day out.

What women’s lifestyle expo is actually for?

This expo is aimed at the women of every age. This is to provide awareness, entertainment and information to every woman belong to any field of life. This expo is an ultimate showcase which will encompass 360 degrees of the life of a woman. This will include an extensive array of information, interactive demonstrations, and presentations all at one place. The main objective of this expo is to empower the woman and educate her to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Moreover, if you belong to the field of market and women are your potential audience, you can get the benefit too. Surely, this will be a perfect opportunity to target plenty of audience under one roof. So, think about it and bring your products to an easy to reach the market and earn benefits with ease.

When women’s lifestyle expo is going to happen?

So, here is great news for the females who were waiting for a great event to happen. Yes surely, we are talking about women’s lifestyle expo 2019. Because this great event will be held from 25th May 2019 to 26th May 2019. So, get ready the ones who were eagerly waiting to be a part of this grand show.

What you can find in women’s lifestyle expo?

This is one of the most special and greatest events for women. It is because more than 120 companies are going to be a part of this amazing event. These industries are also featuring everything which will be ranged from beauty products to the business innovations for women. Furthermore, you can explore beauty to business products & information, fitness, travel, food & wine crafts, and much more here.

This great expo will also include a beautyexpress. This beautyexpress will also include a Beauty Lounge, Makeup Lounge, Nail Bar, Hair Styling Lounge and more. Even more, the popular Taste Zone, Goodie Bags Artisan Craft Zone, and Fashion Zone are also a part of this.  This expo is also a perfect opportunity for you. It is because it will bring thousands of your target market in one place.

Product groups which you can find in this event

Do you want to know the product groups which you can see in this exhibition? Well, the following are surely perfect for you to know in this regard:

  • Beauty products
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Cosmetics
  • Designer clothes
  • Fitness clubs
  • Hair removal
  • Haircuts
  • Jewelry
  • Large sizes fashion
  • Lifestyle coaches
  • Luxury items
  • Massage
  • Nail design
  • Personal training
  • Shoes
  • Weight loss
  • Wine

Surely, you can see how vast opportunities you can find here and how great this expo is going to be. To explore even more, you must think about to be a part of this expo.

Event Details

25 May – 26 May 2019

Claudelands Arena, Hamilton, Waikato
Brooklyn Rd, Hamilton, Waikato

Ticket Information
Children under 12: $0.00
Adults: $10.00
Door Sales Only

All Ages


For more information visit: womenslifestyleexpo.co.nz